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May Moon Report with Srna Vuckovic

As we welcome the last supermoon of the year in Scorpio on the 7th of May, we come to reach dark, subconscious depths in our psyche. Trusting in the unknown is much easier said than done, but now is the time. We have conviction and tenacity now, and we are willing to make necessary change, but there can be some tension and impatience involved with our revelations. To be honest, the story is just getting to the juicy bit so take it in your stride. 



On the plus side, love, intimacy and desire get's a much needed boost. Hearts are most certainly on fire throughout May, the 5th month, that in numerology is always like a rolling stone. The number 5 is highly adaptable and refined, but it feels easily trapped and that is similar to the Scorpio Moon energy we are about to experience. 

When the Moon transits a fixed sign, emotions are ruled by a sense of security and stability. It is difficult to escape or change the current mental state. Scorpio being a water element, brings forth strong emotions and feelings, pushing people to extreme behaviour, especially Cancer, Pisces and Taurus individuals. Overreacting makes some people look exaggerated even, while others are blocking and hiding any real reactions.

The Moon is the most primal expression of Scorpio energy, so expect chaotic, unrelenting, ground breaking shifts and changes. 



Native American tribes of the northeastern United States call this the Flower Moon, as flowers are abundant this time of year in most areas. However, in the Southern Hemisphere - we are in our autumnal phase, where things begin to slow down and the soul gets a chance to rest. The day of the Full Moon is particularly good for people trying to conceive and with Scorpio, fertility is high. In other words, Scorpio is a sign to be reckoned with, it pierces through emotionally, physically, mentally. Naturally we’re all a little more inclined to adopt a Scorpionic approach to life. Even the most mundane exchanges will seem to have high stakes, with our words exploding directly from our inner realities.



How to best use this energy..

Get out near water and meditate. When the Moon is in a water element, this is a natural healing therapy. 

Ask yourself a question internally and see what instinctual answer pops up first - don't go into ego.

Be direct but not aggressive. 

Embrace your emotions and the power they possess, it’s a good time to be ‘in your feelings.’

Express yourself sexually. Be in your body!


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