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Mineraleir 4

Mineraleir is a luxury jewellery concept influenced by a myriad of periods, places and art forms.

Mineraleir is a multi generational family project with over three decades of fine jewellery expertise, creating contemporary pieces with the values and perspective of a traditional jeweller. Mineraleir offers ongoing product maintenance if desired as well as 365 days warranty guarantee.


Mineraleir and Sustainability 

Each piece is crafted from 90% recycled precious metals. Mineraleir are taking the necessary measures to build a conscious business that encourages better consumption and exercises environmentally mindful practise across all operations. These efforts include: 

50% of gold is recycled material and only sourced from ethical miners whose extraction methods / labour practices are regulated – therefore never wilfully endanger workers or use Mercury amalgamation extraction methods.

Diamonds are exclusively of Natural Origin and untreated; they have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions and WFDB guidelines.

Mineraleir are working toward using only home compostable plastic across all levels of operations (from stone procurement, through to distribution, storage, transport and so on). Their manufacturing facility has banned all single use plastic items such as drink bottles, cutlery, straws from entering the premises.