• Values

    1. The Beauty of Duality

    We’re inspired by beauty’s refusal to be neatly defined — ignited by the ways it can weave into daily life in both moments of aesthetic refinement and in instances brimming with mystery. We see beauty as an ever evolving dialogue, transcending its purely aesthetic qualities and speaking to the senses. We find a form of balance in its opposing edges: embracing comfort and challenge; sophistication and humor; the polished and the rough around the edges; the layered and the minimalist; resonance with both body and mind.

    2. Unrestrained Inspiration

    Anything is interesting when you are interested — we don’t put limitations on our sources of inspiration, and rather experience these moments by holding space for intuition, passion, and idiosyncratic eccentricity. This curiosity is our North Star.

    3. Intelligent Mindfulness

    We work consciously to add value to the world — both through modern heirlooms that will be kept and treasured, and in intuitive, useful objects intended for daily use. Through meticulous research, care, and dedication to high standards, we share responsibly-produced offerings that consider what it means to need less; that make responsible use of natural materials; and that eliminate excess while elevating experience.

    4. Reverent Craft

    We value pieces crafted with care and conviction — story-filled objects made by hands, imbued with signs of their humanity, materials, and maker. We are elevated by surrounding ourselves with objects that hold a point of view; reminders of dedication, time-honored skill, and distinct experience.

    5. Unscripted Connection

    Our most meaningful experiences are the ones where we feel tethered to something bigger — times where we can connect the dots between our individual experiences and what’s around us, what came before us, and what is ahead of us. We don’t regard beauty or value as static, fixed ideas; just like life, we resonate most deeply with always-evolving (and often surprising) reflections of our unfolding influences, relationships, and intuition.