• About
    Fourth Street is a source for objects & wares inspired by a life led by wonder. Our offerings explore a duality of moments: the rhythm of everyday practices...and fleeting instances of clarity. Rarity and utility. Offbeat eccentricity and intuitive ease. The interesting and the interested. Our collections consider these ideas through an evolving range that facilitates unscripted connection, inspires care for our environments, and tends to our curiosity.

    With a lifelong love of rare and treasured objects, founder Rukaiya Daud began Fourth Street after a year-long stay in New York. At a moment of personal crossroads, she considered how value is an expression of our most deeply-felt experiences…times when we embrace complexity, welcome change, and discover unexpected connections.

    Fourth Street—an homage to the apartment’s coordinates—is a dedication to cultivating this ever-evolving curiosity, both at home and amid our journeying. It is a remembering that life’s path is not always linear and an invitation to find meaning in the spaces in between.

    Fourth Street is based in Sydney, Australia.